When Life Challenges You!

So, starting a new small business has certainly been an adventure! I have always been interested in high quality baby and child products and am super excited to bring these to the Australian markets. I have been so lucky to have some amazing support from friends, but the person who has been my rock and muddled through all of this is my husband! He is so savvy when comes to business and I truly wouldn't have had the courage or inspiration to open Zahramay Boutique without him. 

...and now...we both are facing a whole new challenge that will mean some significant changes for our family..

When I married a US Navy Officer I knew that it would be a life of adventure, joy, and a little heartache. Being separated is definitely not fun, but it is just a small side effect of the greater calling my husband must answer. I have never been bitter or angry as I know this he is simply honouring a commitment and making a difference. This time around it is of course a little more difficult as we all had gotten used to being together, but the show must go on and in the end it makes us stronger on the other side. 

So, here we are - hubby is off to the Desert and I am here with my brood and a new business but I say - BRING IT ON!! 

When life throws you through a loop, grab on and ride the journey with your chin held high and embrace the storm.