About Us

The Idea

As a mum of five energetic children I am always on the go and searching for products that make my life more organised. The word Zahramay means "Child of Light", which is what inspired the concept behind this boutique. I wanted to bring together some amazing products that light the way for busy parents, making their lives easier, while offering functionality and style. We are also proud to support and promote products that encourage education, imagination and development. Our mission statement of Love, Shine and Inspire highlights what being a parent is all about and what Zahramay Boutique is here to offer. 


I have always been passionate about finding baby or child products that allow parents to feel more at ease during their daily routine, because we all know raising children is not an easy task. While living in the USA for 9 years, facing life as a new mum as well as wife to a US Naval Officer,  I was always searching for ways to help me face these life challenges. I discovered some amazing baby and child brands and when I moved back to Australia I was excited to use the connections I have made over the years to bring some of those products to other Aussie mums, in addition to supporting and promoting some home grown brands that are reaching new heights and popularity.